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Steam: DG3



Switch: 2011-4565-6145

Hey Everyone I'm DG3 I cofounded AEG with some friends of mine back in 2017, we started this because we needed an outlet for our passion for all things video games. I'm a husband and a father so my schedule gets a little full but I enjoy every minute of it. Most of my freetime is dedicated to expanding AEG so that we may bring content week in and week out whether it be through the AEG Show, GT Sport series or any other streams and giveaways Check us out on Twitter @TheAEGShow



PSN: ScorchedAngel212

XBL: JBTheGentleMan

Switch: SW-0859-6719-8760

Hey everybody! JB here (I seem to start all my stuff with that...weird). Anyways, I am one of the founders of Average Everyday Gaming, and one of the main hosts of the AEG Show. I have been gaming for almost 20 years (⅔ of my life...yikes). I started with an N64, and never looked back. I play all types of games, and I love to tell you all about them. I have a beautiful 3 year old, and a loving girlfriend with 2 children, and a full time job, so needless to say, my hands are full. However, this will not stop me from joining my friends and trying to deliver some interesting and compelling content for you guys. Stay tuned for more!

Gus @Goose_Se7en


PSN: goose_7

XBL: Goose Se7en

Switch: 5343-7770-9708

Hello, my name is Gustavo but no one calls me that except my mama, so call me Gus. I am the above average member of AEG & I dig discussing all things video games.  As an active participant in the events unfolding on screen, video games as a medium deliver an experience unmatched by others.  With AEG I look forward to advancing the conversation when it comes to all things video games.  I am your Hickory Craw Daddi.

Whitesun @WhiteSun_AEG


PSN: XWhiteSunX

I am 30 year old gamer/artists and aspiring personal trainer located in Miami, FL. i am the Graphical Designer and Artists for Freelancer Radio, and a co-founder of the AEG show.

So ..What can i say about myself.. well.. i been playing video games since i was 5 the Nintendo Entertainment system was my first console and i have not looked back. 

For me video games are both an art form and a way to express one’s imagination. it is a way to liberate yourself from the mundane and become extraordinaire. whether is filling the role of a plumber saving a princess, a silent warrior saving his kingdom. a space soldier for a knack of sarcasm.

 it is both very rewarding and a very humbling experience.. you truly will never know what curve balls a new game will throw at you. and it is your choice to face it head on or let it steam roll you. and i can assure you i will always face it head on.

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